Ice Block Making Machines And Other Locally Fabricated Machines Made in Nigeria.

OUR ICE BLOCK MACHINES are made with first class materials for local weather in Africa. We are leading makers of Ice block machines in Nigeria. We use the first-class refrigerant components with the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental friendliness. Those into ice block manufacturing that have been using our machines can testify to the fact that our machines are Solid Dry Ice Block Machines. Meanwhile, our Commercial Block Ice Machines have passed the International Assurance Standard.

Our Block Ice Manufacturing customers testify that our different sizes of ice block machines are highly-efficient machines aimed at meeting the ice needs of Nigerians and Africans. We adopt an intergrated design with easy installation and transportation. 

With our ice block making machines you have the priviledge of choosing the type of components you want us to use in fabricating your machine. You can choose to use Brand New Compressors or Farly Used Imported Compressors, the choice is yours. Whatever your choice is, you are backed by our iron clad warranties.

We also sell the following ice making machines: Shave Block Ice Machine, Ice Cube Machines, Used Block Ice Machine, Star Block Ice Maker.

Did you know that we can make your ice block machine produce both ice blocks and ice cubes at the same time? Call or come for discussion on the way to more profits in your business.

Whatever design you have in mind or you have been dreaming of designing, come and we will make that dream come true.

Product Description: 
1. Special design for the Nigerian and African market, performs well in the hot environments; 
2. Stainless steel SUS304 for the salt water tank and ice moulds, no corrosion and low maintenance; 
3. Reasonable and separated design for the structure, saves space, easy to install; 
4. All dimensions of ice block machine are designed according to international standard size of the container, very easy and convenient for transportation; 
5. Ice block size: 20/30/40/50/60/70/80/90/100/110/120 Moulds.

Current Price List Our of Ice Block Making Machines.
All Prices Are Negotiable.

Number of Moulds

Cost in Naira (=N=)

Timing : 12 Hours

Brand New Compressors

Fairly Used Compressors

20   Moulds

N   350,000

N   300,000

30   Moulds

N   450,000

N   400,000

40   Moulds

N   550,000

N   500,000

50   Moulds

N   650,000

N   600,000

60   Moulds

N   750,000

N   700,000

80   Moulds

N   850,000

N   800,000

90   Moulds

N   950,000

N   900,000

100 Moulds



110 Moulds



120 Moulds



1. All Timings are for 12 Hours Duration and are based on PHCN Power from the national Grid.
2. Power from Generating Sets increase the timing by at least 2 hours depending on the type and power rating of the Generator.
3. All prices are subject to change without prior notice in line with the Current Exchange Rate.
4. Prices do not include TRANSPORTATION and INSTALLATION.
5. For 8 hours duration, please call for discussion.

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