How to Improve the Performance of Your Ice Block Machine, Using the Chiller during the Hot Season.

Those of us living in the temperate zone or what can be referred to as the hot weather zone know that we are approaching the weather condition when everywhere and almost everything will be hot. Now, how will those of us in the ice block making business cash in on this situation? 
A typical 120 mould ice block of 300 liters capacity ice block machine takes an average of 8 hours to freeze under normal electricity supply. This means that with poor electricity supply it will take between eleven and twelve hours when you use power generating sets. These power generators normally use diesel which is very expensive. You can also recall that diesel is one of the most expensive cost inputs in ice block manufacturing; therefore anything that will reduce its cost is worth looking into with a view to reducing it. 

You may now ask, how does the chiller technology come into play here? Yes, the chiller technology will help in reducing the temperature of the water in the mould to below zero degrees before feeding them into the ice block machines. This will automatically guarantee the manufacturer producing twice daily, which means that with either electricity or generator you will produce twice in a twenty-four hour day. 

I know that you will now be asking what the cost of the chiller will be, well, it may surprise you to know that what you only need is a disused or discarded deep freezer. This is a deep freezer that has either been thrown away by the Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Repairers or disused from homes. With it the experts will configure the chiller system with very little cost. A standard chiller costs about N130, 000; this will guarantee you fantastic profits during this period of festivities and other social gatherings requiring refrigeration of drinks, and other liquids.
In summary, you the producer of ice block and other related drinks like lolly pop should start now to gear up in preparation for the impending upsurge in the demand of ice blocks during the hot weather period. Avoid disappointing your customers and keep them even up to the wet and rainy seasons owing to the super service you have rendered during this period they will need you most. Do not forget that this is going to be a period of intense competition among customers struggling to get supply from the producers because of high demand from their own clients. 
I wish you the best; see you smiling to the banks shortly.


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