HIGHTECH Equipment Manufacturers , a subsidiary of Household Investment Company Limited was incorporated in Nigeria in 1993 to carry out the business of fabrication and manufacturing of equipment and export of agricultural commodities from Nigeria and West African sub-region.

We have seen it all. Iin this Ice Block Making Business, we are EXPERTS. We can hold you by the hands and lead you to HUGE FINANCIAL SUCCESS beyond your imagination.

Before we continue, this is the backgroung information of our Technical Director, Austin Okonji.
He studied Electrical and Mechanical Engineering in school and later worked in the Engineering department of Michelin Nigeria Limited before branching into Accounting, he is a Chartered Business Executive London, a qualified Administrative Accountant, London, he became a Chartered Accountant with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria in 1991.

He worked with various financial institutions from 1991-1995 and moved into the export of agricultural goods to various countries of the world. He was deeply into the export of: Cocoa, Cashew Nuts, Sesame Seeds, Coffee, Wood and Processed Wood Products.

After all these sojourns in the intricate world of business you can see that he can easily combine his engineering, finance and export knowledge to push you to the highest level in this your area of interest.

Right now, from him you can…

  • Get crystal clear about everything you want from your dream business...
  • Discover the absolutely essential steps you need to get it...
  • Shatter any obstacles that get you stuck or hold you back and...
  • Get it all faster than you ever thought possible!

He wants to show you how to put all your struggles behind you and start achieving the success you're after.

OUR ICE BLOCK MACHINES are locally fabricated with imported refrigirating components, (Compressors, Condensers and Capacitors) but made with first class materials for local weather conditions in Africa. We are leading makers of Ice block machines in Nigeria. We use the first-class refrigerant components with the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental friendliness.

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